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Alpha Dog PR can help you get noticed. We have the experience and expertise plus the contacts with the media to get you noticed by a wide variety of magazines, newspapers or television shows. We offer 3 different ways to work with clients.
1) Monthly Retainer
With the monthly retainer, you will receive the best results because this service is an ongoing media campaign featuring press release development, distribution and personal follow-up, social media marketing and event planning. The fee is determined with your individual needs and goals in mind.
2) Email Blast
We can write and distribute one press release about you and email blast it to our extensive list of media outlets under the Alpha Dog PR banner.
3) Alpha Dog PR Trendsetter Promotion
You can decide to become an Alpha Dog PR Trendsetter and take advantage of one of our mailer/email blast press release promotions at a low, low price. We bundle several companies together in one release, mail a “Trendsetters Box” with actual your product and/or information to 20 top media outlets and blast an email to hundreds of other media interested in covering pets.
Our media list includes members of the Dog Writers Association of America as well as personal contacts we have made in the media over our 30 years in the industry. In addition, we subscribe to Cision, the most comprehensive database of information about media outlets, journalists and investors.

The press releases appearing on Alpha Dog PR’s Trendsetter page are updated when the new Trendsetters press release is email blasted to our media contacts. The frequency of new information on our website brings the media back time and time again to learn about what’s new in the pet world. And then there’s the possibility of receiving thousands of dollars worth of editorial placement through features on television shows, in magazine, newspapers and on-line outlets.

Reporters and editors rely on feature copy in two ways. First, there are those journalists who are looking for articles they can be used verbatim either in print or online. Second, they seek out story ideas for articles they are working on.

Our press releases are picked up in a variety of media outlets verbatim. We like that because it means we are getting to the desired end users, consumers who are in a position to act and help you with your bottom line. Appearing with several other companies is a good way to attract media attention because they are always looking for trend stories. Two things is a coincidence, three or more a trend!

We are in contact with the media both pro-actively and re-actively. We scour tons of media leads from a variety of sources we subscribe to for possible story placements. Who knows, you may become a trendsetter at the moment a journalist is researching a story about the type of product or service you offer. If not, we will create the synchronicity for you!

The competition to get noticed by journalists and consumers has never been more intense or frustrating. Trendsetters Packages offer a great way to get noticed at a fraction of the cost! Please email us at or call 805-984-1204 for more information.


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